LÉPTÉK Ltd. – well-known engineering office and design company with a considerable past and 30 years of experience prepared for the investments in the town of Szombathely, it's surroundings and the west region of Hungary. Our references in the last two decades – including production halls, warehouses, other industrial buildings, commercial establishments and sport halls – we have planned and carried out up to the final approval.

History, our activities

Our company was founded in 1983. We have been known as LÉPTÉK Building Designer and Contractor Ltd. since 1993.
Besides designing we have offered our partners a full range of construction works for more than 26 years. Due to our skills - human resources and machinery - we could perform projects from complex planning to turnkey installation.

As a result of our activity, entire factories, manufacturing plants, logistics centres, warehouses, commercial establishments, sport halls, offices and social buildings have been established.

Amongst our Customers several internationally recognised companies could be found:

Packard Electric · Philips · GE-Tungsram · Wienerberger · ITT Automotive · VOSSEN Frottier Kft. · Forma Vitrum Kft. · Speidel Hungária Kft. · Seton Lindgens Kft. · Lidl Magyarország · HumanTrade Kft. · LUK Savaria Kft. · IMS Connector Systems · ArcelorMittal Szentgotthárd · Pannunion Kft. · Pannonplast Zrt. · BPW Hungária Kft. · ROTO Elzett Certa Kft.

For the above mentioned companies we have followed out mostly greenfield investments from design, till the final approval.

The continuous expansion has resulted in several projects 4 – 5 – 10 years long efficient relationship of working together. Many of them are proceeding projects nowadays.

We designed and built proper factories in Szombathely, Nagykanizsa, Kőszeg, Veszprém, Szentgotthárd, Jánosháza, Lukácsháza, Sopron, Lövő.

2009 - Planning and engineering activities in focus

Since the year of 2009 engineering is in the foreground of our activity, we have focused on planning and designing. We undertake beside the full range of design and engineer’s services site supervision and technical supervision as well.

We believe that the heart of the work for an architect and an engineer is one and the same: to create livable milieu using the strength of thoughts and culture. To design a building means to us not only the architectural creation, but also the complex engineering.

The first creative period in the process of giving birth to a qualitative house includes the framing the task. The main condition of quality coming into existence is a mutual confidence between designer and investor.

In the spirit of attaining livable environment for our Customers, we make conceptional plans for helping them in the process of preparing the project. After the investment’s starting decision we compile the approval plans and the constructional plans. The essence of the process is almost the same at a production hall, sport hall, school, or even at designing a nursery school.

Those projects have great significance, that come from our previous Investors, or on the grounds of those Customers' commendations. It means, that according to our Partners, the quality of the work we stand for has met their expectations and they rely on our professional knowledge and vocation.

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